I enjoy setting up a scare for the trick-or-treaters for Halloween. I like to give them something to remember when they are older and maybe, just maybe, a few will continue the tradition of making Halloween a scary event to remember.

I started out with a pumpkin and some sound effects. Over the years I have added a grave yard with fence, remote controlled animatronics props, video cameras and more.

Since the beginning everything, be it just sound effect or video cameras or props has been controlled from a "command center" in my kitchen. Generally the only "actors" I have are the people answering the door to give out the candy. I  might have one or two other people to help run the control board. Almost a one man show but trying to grow.

Below are areas covering my current projects along with photos of what I have done in the past. Also included is a section called "Hints". These are things that have worked and have not worked that I have learned (most the hard way).

Software is programs that I have written that I give to the Halloween community to use in their Halloween adventures.

Any questions: brfraley@hotmail.com

Free Halloween Software

Current Efforts:
(Still planning and deciding on anything new)

Past Efforts:
Halloween 2004
Halloween 2003 Update: 10-March-2004
Halloween Construction 2003
Halloween 2002
Halloween 2000

What I learned (coming soon)

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