Free Halloween Software

I have written several pieces of software to help me in my pursuit of Halloween terror. You may download a copy for free and see if they can help you. They are free to use and give away. You can not charge for them. I still retain ownership.

Any questions, comments, problems or praise:

Four Bar Simulator
A four bar linkage is a piece of hardware used in prop building. It takes a little movement (such as from an air cylinder) and amplifies it and can change direction. This program is a four bar linkage simulator. It allows you to try different configurations and lengths to see the results without having to build multiple prototypes.
Release Notes V2.5.3 - Updated: 17 April 2005
Complete Four Bar Simulator V2.5.4:   - Updated: 28-Mar-2006
Just the executable V2.5.4 (includes the release notes): - Updated: 28-Mar-2006

Wing Designer/Simulator

This a a simulator I wrote to help design some wings (that can open and close using an air cylinder) for my Grim Reaper prop. I have always wanted to try building some extendable wings. I wish to thank Ironman (of Iron Kingdom) for sharing some of his design drawings with me.

I have built a set of wings (12 foot spread) designed with the program and they work almost exactly as the simulator predicted. Including jamming when extended beyond a certain point.

This program is version 1.0 Beta. It could crash. I have not had it crash but it is beta. There is no documentation (read the docs for the Four Bar simulator) at this time. I continue to add things to the program as I find a need. Let me know.
Complete Wing Designer V1.0.1 (Beta):   - 4-Jun-2004 (You only need this if you have NOT installed the Four Bar Simulator)
Just the executable V1.0.1 (Beta): - 4-Jun-2004

Triangle Grid System Designer
There was allot of discussion about the Triangle Grid System (TGS) for laying out haunts so I decided to see if I could design a piece of software to assist in TGS layouts. This is the result. It is a beta version. There is no documentation at this time. Use the "right-click" to add labels and right-click on a label to change the label. Labels can be dragged.

That's about it let me know and I will also work on some documentation.
Complete TGS Designer V1.1 (Beta):   - 6-May-2005 (You only need this if you have NOT installed the Four Bar Simulator)
Just executable V1.2 (Beta): Grid.Exe - 1-Sep-2006 - Bug Fix

Sound Board

The Sound Board a program to play different sound effects with the click of button. It is patterned after the old DJ F/X box. The F/X box was a box with buttons and labels that the DJ would use to play sound effects during his show. The program recreates that but with software. It allows you to create a screen of buttons (with captions of your choice) that play a sound (WAV or MP3) when clicked on. Plus a lot more.
Documentation - Updated: 14 Oct 2003
Complete Sound Board V4.0:   - Updated: 14 Oct 2003
Just the executable V4.0 - Updated: 14 Oct 2003
Complete Sound Board & Serial Control for 98 V1.0.1:   - Updated: 10 Oct 2005